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Traveling by motorhome, mobile home or caravan has so many attractions, especially in sunny Spain; the freedom to go where you want, enjoying the surroundings of your choice. You stop being just a simple tourist and become the road experienced traveler, moving at your own pace, seeking both adventure and peace of mind.

Let efpg help you with that peace of mind by being there on the road with you. Regardless of type of motorhome from coachbuilt, (class C), to class A motorhomes, we can assist you in finding the best insurance policy for your specific needs.

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Motorhome Insurance in Spain…. Made as easy as class ABC

As insurance brokers here in Spain we are well practised in finding the right insurer from our panel of Spanish insurers to fit your cover requirements and wallet expectations.

If you are about to renew or take out your motorhome insurance we obviously want a chance to show you what we can do. All services are provided in English as is all documentation and expert advice.

We are insurance brokers working for you from the outset and here for you when things don’t go to plan, accidents do happen and we are here to make that claim on your behalf should things go wrong, making the process all the easier.

We can provide all policy cover types from third party only through to fully comprehensive insurance, depending on vehicle type, value and age. All our policies provide cover for glass breakage and come with 24/7 roadside assistance and legal advice, in English or Spanish.

Please complete one of our quote forms above or pick up the telephone, or click on the Whatsapp icon at the bottom of your screen. Our friendly professional staff are waiting to hear from you and advise on any Spanish regulations and red tape issues you might have.

efpg by your side. Here for what matters most.

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Third Party Only (TPO) Motorhome Insurance In Spain.

The basic minimum legal cover requirement. No insurance cover for damage or loss of your vehicle, but you are insured for the damage that you may be found responsible for inflicting on others, including the passengers inside your vehicle at the time of incident.

In Spain this basic cover is much the same as it is in the UK, but Spanish Insurers have enhanced this basic cover by including such as personal accident, legal defense costs cover, fine management and road side assistance/ travel support. Our policies can provide all of this if required.

Take note not all Spanish insurers are exactly the same, but navigating all of that for you is what we are here for.

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Third Party Fire & Theft (TPF&T) Motorhome Insurance In Spain.

The basic cover as above but with cover for your vehicle catching on fire or being stolen. In Spain you can opt for just third party, with the enhancements as above with fire and windscreen, (glass cover). Third Party Fire & Windscreen.

And yes you can still obtain TPF&T with all the enhancements as we have mentioned, including the glass cover. Quite similar to the car insurance policies that you are probably familiar with.

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Total Loss Motorhome Insurance In Spain.

Some Spanish Insurers offer a, “Total Loss” insurance policy.

Best described as the same as the TPF&T policy above, with the additional feature of providing cover to protect you in the event of an accident in which your motorhome, caravan or mobile home is declared a total loss.

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Fully Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance In Spain.

Also known in the UK as Accidental Damage Fire and Theft (ADF&T) insurance.

In short, comprehensive cover, frequently referred to as, “All Risk”, in Spain covers all of the above but includes any damage your motorhome may suffer. Even when you may have been at fault.

efpg by your side, on the road. Here for what matters most.

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