Marine Insurance In Spain

As an owner of a pleasure craft, sports boat or jet skis, at the very least you must have insurance covering your legal liability. We can help with that and much more. Great cover at great price.

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Marine Insurance in Spain

Boats come in all shapes and sizes as indeed does the insurance cover that can be purchased to protect boat, person and contents.

Marine Insurance is where modern day insurance first started and is still one of the more complicated contracts in the insurance market place.

Cover starts as we have mentioned in our intro above with your basic legal requirement, very much like Third Party insurance cover for a motor vehicle and is a legal requirement before setting out from port.

Everything after that is optional cover; nothing else comes as standard, hull, engines or spinnaker. Additional liability insurance for towing a hoop or banana, and so on, all need to be requested right down to sinking!

The more insurance cover you require will obviously be reflected in the premium you will need to pay. We work with multiple different insurers, some take a different stance, have different approaches, provide different levels of cover and corresponding pricing structures, it can get complicated.

But that is exactly what we are here for - efpg

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