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Protect your buildings, contents and valuable possessions in your home in Spain.

As an insurance broker here at efpg we are not tied to any one insurance company and for this reason are not restricted by single company premium structures or cover options.

This allows us to offer you the best possible quote, specifically tailored to your needs.

Buildings Insurance In Spain

Covers you in the event of damage to the actual structure of your building and its fixtures and fittings, caused by the insured perils as stated in the policy wording.

Fire, smoke and explosion, flood and collision, to name a few of the basics.

Our home insurance policy cover automatically extends to fitted wardrobes and cupboards, interior decoration, fitted kitchens and bathrooms.

Depending on history, location and age of your property cover against subsidence, heave and landslip, (literally the earth beneath your building collapsing or falling away), will also be covered.

With efpg as your insurance broker you can rest assured that you will know fully what your individual insurance policy covers you for.

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Building Contents Insurance in Spain

Covers virtually everything else, everything that you own and keep in your Spanish home.

From your socks to your sofa. Electrical equipment, computers and television. Kitchen appliances, food in the freezer, art, ornaments and other valuables. We can cover it all.

Not all policies are the same and it is again here that with efpg as your insurance broker, you will have complete peace of mind from the full knowledge of exactly what you are insured for.

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How much do I need to insure my Spanish home and buildings for?

You should insure your building for its full rebuild cost, the cost to replace it from ground up following total destruction, including the cost for cleaning up the debris, planning permission and other related fees and costs.

You already own the land so the rebuild and market value are not one and the same.

Insurance companies will usually calculate the estimated cost per square meter based on the location.

For contents insurance, you should insure the contents of your home for how much it would cost you to replace them new today.

As mentioned above, that is everything you own, and again think total loss and the need to replace everything.

Items of high value may require valuations and such items as expensive watches and jewellery that will go with you out of the house, will require all risks extensions when their value surpasses policy limits. Contact us today for details and some friendly expert advice.

Again and as always with efpg as your insurance broker we are here to help and assist you in every way we can. Call us for friendly advice on the number at the top of the page.

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