Funeral Insurance In Spain

Arranging a funeral at anytime, anywhere can be a daunting experience for anyone and the Spanish funeral system is no less stressful. With language barriers on top of and an unfamiliar event to organise, it can be very difficult for your family to make funeral arrangements.

Most Spanish funerals typically take place within 48 hours of departure and are paid for in advance. This can make it very difficult for friends and family still in the UK to attend and any delay may incur further costs.

By arranging a Funeral plan in Spain you cover the costs of the funeral in advance and protect your loved ones from unexpected costs and complications. Peace of mind.

Let efpg help you to find the plan that’s right for you. Call us today for some friendly expert advice and help with all of that Spanish red tape and regulations. OR fill out one of our funeral insurance quote forms and let us do the rest.

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Arranging A Funeral In Spain

It’s a hot country thing! In Spain and the Canary Island when one shuffles off this mortal coil the process of dealing with your remains is very quick and can also be very complicated. Most Spanish funerals take place within 24-48 hours of death.

There is a legal path that must be followed starting with the Police, (Guardia Civil), being advised of the individual that has passed away, following on from this a Doctor is called who issues a temporary death certificate.

A local funeral director is then contacted by the police or the Doctor. We are in Spain but there is a good chance that the attending funeral director will speak some English, of course this cannot be guaranteed.

He will ask for a release form to be signed by next of kin or surviving spouse allowing him to remove the deceased. At this point the cost of your demise has not even been discussed!

By arranging a Funeral plan in Spain you pay for your funeral in advance and protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress at their time of loss and grief, removing unexpected costs and complications.

Let efpg help you to find the plan that’s right for you, then you can get on with living.

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Funeral insurance

It is worth taking note that the cost of burial or cremation funeral services in Spain have been increasing every year, rising by almost 90% in the last 10 years.

At time of death or shortly thereafter, Spanish assets and bank accounts can be frozen until the estate has been finalised, making it difficult to release funds. Giving greater reason behind the need to take out a funeral insurance plan.

As Insurance Brokers efpg has many leading insurers on our panel with many differing products for all age groups and life styles, including repatriation if your want is to rest in the country of your birth.

One such leading insurer has introduced a single premium funeral plan designed for the expatriates here in Spain. Call us today for details and some friendly expert advice. Or fill out one of our quote forms linked to above.

Funeral Services will be conducted in accordance to your custom or religion and all the necessary paperwork and documents will be taken care of.

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Cover included In A Funeral Insurance Plan

The Funeral Service.

  1. Transportation of the deceased within Spain or repatriation from abroad when the stay was no longer than 90 days. (extension option available for residents)
  2. All administrative requirements relating to the death of the insured with Government entities covered.
  3. All required Legal advice pertaining to the death of the insured.
  4. A flexible cover allowing for specific wants to be included.

    Additional Options Include:-

    1. Travel assistance in case of serious illness or accidents for Spanish residents, including trips abroad up to 90 days.
    2. Open notarial will and living will creation, with the option of amending it on an annual basis.
    3. International repatriation for expats living in Spain.

      Monthly payments are also available for this product and generally speaking, no health declaration is required. This contract has no policy excess and you are covered from the day you take it out.

      Let’s get this plan finalised, complete one of our quotation forms (above), pick up the telephone or use WhatsApp. Our friendly professional staff are here for you. efpg working for you.

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