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Car Insurance in Spain can be a red tape nightmare for Expats of any nationality.

Our speciality at efpg is cutting through Spanish red tape on your behalf while you get on with life.

Simply fill out one of the forms below to find out a price for your car insurance. Our staff will then contact you with not only a price, but also your options and of course; help and advice with all that nasty Spanish red tape and paperwork hassle.

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Car Insurance in Spain, What is Covered?

As a motorist from the UK you will most likely be fully aware of the three types of cover normally provided there. Being: -

Third Party Only (TPO) Car Insurance.

The basic minimum legal cover requirement. No insurance cover for damage or loss of your vehicle, but you are insured for the damage that you may be found responsible for inflicting on others, including the passengers inside your vehicle at the time of incident.

In Spain this basic cover is the same but Spanish Insurers have enhanced this basic cover by including such as personal accident, legal defense, fine management and road side assistance/travel support. Take note note all insurers are exactly the same, but that is what we are here for.

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Third Party Fire & Theft (TPF&T) Car Insurance In Spain.

The basic cover as above but with cover for your vehicle catching on fire or being stolen. In Spain you can opt for just third party, with the enhancements as above with fire and windscreen, (glass cover). Third Party Fire & Windscreen. And yes you can still obtain TPF&T with all the enhancements as we have mentioned, including the glass cover.

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Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance In Spain

Also know in the UK as Accidental Damage Fire and Theft (ADF&T). In Spain Comprehensive cover is the same but just a little more comprehensive. Any damage your vehicle suffers will be covered. If your vehicle is no older than two years and due to the damage sustained, is a total loss you will be compensated at 100% of the purchase price.

If the damage and the total loss occur in the third year some insurers will compensate at 120% of current market value. Increased coverage for driver’s death or permanent injury due to an accident for which you are responsible. Comprehensive breakdown cover, when on the move. Replacement vehicle, (rental), when your vehicle is immobilised following an accident or attempted theft. But again take note not all Insurers are exactly the same and cover provided can differ. But again that is what we are here for.

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