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Bike Insurance in Spain, What is Covered:

As with all motor vehicle insurance, Spain is very similar to the UK. If anything the basic cover, Third Party Only (TPO), has been improved.

Basic TPO bike insurance in Spain provides cover for damages you may inflict upon others by way of accident, covering your liability to third party persons and property and also provides personal injury cover for the rider along with legal defense protection.

Some insurers will even provide a remote device and mobile phone application that automatically notifies the insurer in the event of an incident. Contact us if you require these additions on your policy.

Third Part and Fire (TP&F) Insurance In Spain, is basically all of the above and cover for if your bike if it was to go up in flames.

Third Party fire and Theft (TPF&T) Insurance In Spain, again all of the above and cover for if your bike is stolen.

Then last, but by no means least what is commonly referred to in the UK as Fully Comprehensive Insurance, or 'fully comp' for short, which covers all of the above and any accidental damage your bike may sustain.

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Motorbike breakdown cover/Travel assistance does not come as standard with all Spanish insurance providers, but can be included, as can damage to crash helmets and motorcycling outfits, boots and gloves following an incident involving another vehicle.

Provision of a courtesy bike if yours is out of use following an incident is also available from some insurers. Cover can even be arranged to provide financial compensation for loss of licence if you max out on points or if temporarily suspended in a court judgement. Contact us if you specifically need cover for these items.

But take note not all Insurers are exactly the same and cover provided can differ dependent on your particular situation.

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