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Spanish Funeral Insurance Plans grow in Popularity

It would appear that it is not so much the cost of living that is on the minds of expats in Spain, but more the cost of dying!

An insurance policy to cover the cost of your funeral was not such a big thing only a decade ago, but due to the ever increasing costs involved, thousands of people have made the decision to take out funeral insurance plans to safeguard themselves against this inevitable expense in the future.

Planning a funeral is never a great experience regardless of where you live. In countries such as Spain it is customary for funerals to take place very quickly, within 24 to 48 hours from someone passing away.

The best way to ensure family members are not left with even more undue stress from dealing with the Spanish funeral systems, the language barrier, the time pressure and cost burden, is in preparing for this eventuality as so many expats already have.

Shockingly the average cost of a basic funeral has more than doubled in the past fifteen years and costs continue to rise, hence why so many expats have acted to protect their loved ones from hefty bills in the future.

Planning a funeral is not on the top of anyone’s, “want to do list”, and yes we are in the job of selling insurance so it could be said that we are not writing this article for compassionate reasons. The decision is of course, is with you as it is with all non-compulsory insurance policies.

We would suggest that there is no harm at looking into a Spanish Funeral Insurance Plan further as one of the major points here is in saving your family money by preparing now. Thereby relieving you and your loved ones from both financial and emotional stress and ensuring that the cost of your last party on earth does not go through the roof over time.

Spanish funeral plans are surprisingly cheap and you almost certainly will not need to have any health checks prior to taking one out. There are no long forms and setting up a plan takes no time at all.

Funeral insurance plans vary and options for items such as repatriation, bringing the person back to the UK for burial, are available. By pre-paying for a funeral plan you can put the unnecessary stress for you and your family to one side.

For further information or a quotation go to the funeral plan section on our website or pick up the phone and give us a call.

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