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Spain Is Offering Drivers Incentives Of €5,500 To Buy Electric Cars

The electric vehicle, (EV), is no longer a thing of the future they are here now and they are here to stay. And most countries of the world are keen to see the change from fossil fuel vehicles occur as quickly as possible.

It can be said that Spain already boasts one of the most generous EV incentive schemes in Europe. Just last summer the government announced two new EV incentive plans, Moves II and Renove. Their want is to increase EV ownership at an ever quickening rate and together with the planned €3.75 billion aid package for the Spanish car industry, Spain hopes to make EV technology cheaper, more accessible, and ultimately, move closer to its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Here’s how you can benefit from these incentive schemes.

Who Can Request The Grant?

In order to be eligible, you need to be legally resident in Spain and have a NIE number. Self-employed people or those with a company in Spain will have to supply additional paperwork to show that they are up-to-date with their fiscal obligations.

Electric Vehicle Incentives in Spain

National EV Incentives

As mentioned EV incentives in Spain are mainly regulated by the Moves II and Renove plans. As they have slightly different objectives, the plans are not exactly the same. Such regulations can be confusing to navigate so we hope the following will be of help:

Moves II: (A Spanish site as with all links, Use Google to translate if required

  • 100-million program presented on 16 June 2020 that aims to incentivize the acquisition of more sustainable vehicles and the development of charging infrastructure in Spain.
  • The amount you can get depends on the EV range and whether or not you scrap your old car (registered before January 2013).
  • For more information or to apply for the grant, check the respective link for your autonomous community on the official government page here


    • 250-million program introduced on 6 July 2020 and aims to promote overall car sales (Internal combustion engines, (ICEs), EVs, and so on)
    • The amount you can get depends on the car’s eco-label and requires you to scrap your old car
    • For more information or to apply for the Moves II grant, check the official page here

Private Individuals

Grants for the purchase or lease of a battery electric vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) or extended range electric vehicle (EREV):

Passenger vehicle (list price up to €45,000):

    • 30-90 km range: €1,900, rising to €2,600 if you scrap your old car
    • 90 km range or more: €4,000, rising to €5,500 if you scrap your old car
    • Light goods vehicle (up to 3.5 tonnes):
    • 30 km range or more: €4,400, rising to €6,000 if you scrap your old vehicle
    • Motorcycle (70 km range or more; list price up to €10,000), €750
    • Quad Bikes
    • Up to 350 kg: €600
    • Up to 400 kg: €800

Self-Employed Individuals

Grants for the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle:

Passenger vehicle:

  • BEV or EREV: €4,000 (max. list price: €45,000)
  • PHEV (40 km range or more): €2,600 (max. list price: €45,000)
  • PHEV (less than 40 km range):
  • Energy classification A: €1,000 (max. list price: €35,000)
  • Energy classification B: €600 (max. list price: €35,000)

Additional benefits:

  • 500 if the car you scrap is 20 years or older
  • 500 if your household income is below €1.500 per month
  • Light goods vehicle:
  • Maximum technical permissible weight: less than 2.5 tonnes
  • BEV, EREV or PHEV (40 km range or more): €4,000
  • PHEV (less than 40 km range) & HEVs:€1,200
  • Maximum technical permissible weight: 2.5 tonnes or more
  • BEV, EREV or PHEV (40 km range or more):€4,000
  • PHEV (less than 40 km range) or HEVs:€2,700
  • Additional benefits as above
  • Motorcycle(BEV; 70 km range or more; 3 kW engine power; max. list price of €10,000):€750

Tax Benefits

  • BEVs are fully exempt from paying the car registration tax
  • Road tax exemption or reduction depending on regional regulation

It goes without saying that checking out regional incentives, incentives for where you are living, makes complete sense as some will be offering additional benefits. For more information on your local EV incentives, we would suggest a quick internet search of "Incentivos de vehículos eléctricos” including the “nombre de su área" (“EV incentives” including the “name of your area”). Such should point you in the right direction. Use Google translate when required. Most regions will allow you to apply online, via their government website.

Some examples of additional benefits include:

  • Toll exemption on regional highways for electric vehicles.
  • Free parking in selected cities.
  • Traffic lanes reserved for high occupancy circulation can be used by BEVs.

EV Charging Incentives in Spain

Under the Moves II plan, private individuals and businesses can receive grants between 30-40% (up to a total sum of €100,000) of the purchase and installation cost of public or private chargers. For more information or to apply for the grant, check the respective link for your autonomous community on the official government page here.

Electric Motor Vehicle Insurance

As stated at the beginning of this blog electric motor vehicles, EV’s, are here to stay and will become the norm for our children and their children’s, children. Autonomous vehicles are just round the corner and the feature for full self-driving will be as common as satellite navigation is in the modern cars of today. Motor insurance will always be a requirement. Here at efpg we are already giving a cost pledge to be the most competitive provider of motor Insurance, to be at the front for electric motor car insurance, electric van insurance and electric motor bike insurance. We are looking into the future to ensure we will be here as the most competitive provider for motor vehicle insurance when the autonomous future arrives.

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