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Level Term Insurance Life10

We are a leading independent insurance broker that provides all types of insurance for expats living in Spain. With experienced fluent bilingual speakers we are able to provide customer service and policy documents in English whilst dealing with the local Spanish product providers thus making life easier for our clients.

Insurance policies don’t make our clients rich but in their absence they prevent their families from becoming poor and with this in mind we are pleased to offer in conjunction with one of our main providers the Level Term Insurance Life10.

This product is very popular in the Expatriate market as it provides security and peace of mind for our clients as well as their families. It is ideal for heads of family, self-employed workers, clients with mortgages or loans and business owners alike. The policy has a constant premium for 10 years and after this period the premium will be recalculated for the following 10 years with this revised amount staying the same again for this time.

The main cover insured is death with the possibility of additional covers of permanent and total disability for all types of occupations and the sum insured can be extended until the policyholder reaches the age of 80 years old. There is no maximum amount insured with each case reviewed on an ad-hoc basis with the completion of a medical questionnaire and no medical check-up.

Additional covers include psychological assistance in the event of the policyholder’s death, funeral costs (max €5,000) and upfront inheritance tax fees.

At EFPG SL we are happy to discuss your personal circumstances further so please give us a call on 951 81 80 01 or send us an email to

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