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The insurance broker has been a stable part of providing advice, cover and service for many years, well before the introduction of direct Insurance companies such as direct line motor insurance in the UK. The brain child of Sir Peter Woods back in 1985, funded by bankers RBS Group, who went on to wholly acquire the direct line insurance company.

The red telephone on wheels and a jingle of great annoyance was introduced prior to the internet and was launched to cut out the middleman, the insurance broker. Their want was to offer a quick and straightforward customer experience by the phone and later online and it cannot be denied that they have been highly successful in bringing their image and product to the market place.

Later on, in the mid 1990’s, 1995 to be precise, the Group creates Linea Directa, a direct motor insurance company, as a joint venture with Bankinter in Spain. Same red telephone on wheels, same annoying but unforgettable jingle and the expats flock to it.

Expats living in Spain from all countries thought that this was the best place for them to obtain their motor insurance. In 2008 Bankinter exercises its option to buy out RBS Group’s 50% stake in the Spanish business and from then on Linea Directa insurance company in Spain is separated from the original creators.

The public can see no difference and Linea Directa, now solely owned by Bankinter, continue from strength to strength. They continue the model of direct sales, eliminating independent advice and the perceived unnecessary costs that such can bring and focus on car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance and motor vehicle for Company Insurance.

Come 2012, back in the UK, Direct Line separate from their parent group RBS, achieving the long sort after goal of being a standalone Insurance Company.

So that it that story in a nut shell, so why bother even considering any other alternatives? Well let’s start at the beginning, a quote to insure your home or car. Putting to a side for one moment you’re want for pet insurance or your need for health insurance, Life insurance or Pension.

Firstly, today you can deal with most insurance companies in Spain directly, however it will not be any cheaper than transacting your business via an Independent Spanish Insurance Broker.

Two Spanish favourites, Liberty Seguros, (Insurance Company) and Caser Seguros, (Insurance Company), two excellent firms. Do you want to spend your time contacting them both for a quote?

Surely it would be more straightforward to contact your insurance broker who will look at these two, and many others, prior to returning to you with the best price that could be found?

Any insurance questions you may have can be asked of and answered by your English speaking insurance broker, regardless of the number of insurance companies that have been looked at in order to find the correct solution for you.

Then of course there is the reality behind why insurance is purchased in the first place! Yes and obviously car insurance or any form of commercial vehicle insurance is purchased because it is compulsory.

But accidents do happen. One can go shopping and return to find a dent that was not there prior to parking, and as we all know it is the making of a claim that can be the most frustrating!

Best advice is not only in the taking out of the insurance policy but what to do and where to go when the worst happens. Here again is why being with a Spanish insurance broker rather than being with a Spanish insurance company, can truly help simplify the worst when it happens.

We buy insurance, especially compulsory car insurance, as there is no choice. Price is important but ease of claim when the unwanted occurs, as it surely does, makes a very big difference. At efpg, we pride ourselves on our claims service, in English, of course.

Once you have found the insurance broker for your car or your home you know they will be there, on your side, willing, wanting and capable of helping you with whatever else you consider as a need or a want. Advice cost nothing but knowing where to go for such can take time.

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