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Health Insurance Rules for Spanish Residency

Health Insurance Regulations in Spain

Is health Insurance a legal requirement for residency in Spain?

In short: Yes, in most cases it is required to have a private medical insurance contract in order to obtain your residence or visitors permit in Spain.

Be careful though as many people are not aware that their existing health insurance plan may NOT be vaild due to the reasons outlined below.

The main point to remember, and check with your insurance plan provider, is that your policy must fit in perfectly to the Spanish healthcare system in order to avoid financial problems at a time that may be most inconvenient to you or your family.

Check your health plan policy for the following items well before you might ever need to make a claim:

  • Your health insurance plan must not have co-payments; when for example you have to pay a fee whenever you go to see your doctor.
  • The plan cannot have 'vesting period' clauses. Which means there must be no waiting period after taking out the policy, until you can make a claim on it.
  • It must adequately cover the whole of Spain and not be geographically limited.
  • It must not be limited with regard to the treatment that you are covered for such as emergency treatment, surgery, hospital stays, drug costs and medical treatment costs, etc.
  • It must be valid for the whole period of your stay in Spain. So, if you extend your residents or vistors permit, your health plan insurance must cover that period as well.

It is vital to check that your existing health policy does not fail in any of these areas. If you are unsure, or need to get a health plan specific to the Spanish system, give us a call at efpg where you can be sure to get accurate up to date advice from professional insurance brokers along with extensive health coverage at great rates. You can also apply for a quote on your health insurance policy with us right now.

efpg, here for when it matters most

For more information here is a link to the relevant Spanish law. Or, you can take the much easier route and let efpg do all the research and hard work for you.

And do keep in mind that the cheapest policy is very often lacking in some regards or features. At a bare minimun the above features must be included. Our policies not only cover those aspects, but include many extra features that are sure to give you a warm glow whenever you need to consider yours or your family's health needs while living in Spain.

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