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Health Insurance Cover in Spain. Do I need it?

Now that the exit of the UK from the European Union is getting closer every day, we need to get ready for it.

Most of the British living permanently in Spain have already legalized their situation in Spain, with regards to their residency, driving licence and so on. If you haven´t and you need to please read on and let us help you with one of those headaches, your health insurance.

As you may know by now, having a health insurance is one of the requirements to get you permanent residence permit in Spain. At efpg we can help you with this task, let us do the work so you can just relax and spend your time on what you really want to.

Health Insurance Policy. Why Do I Need One?

Many of you might be questioning why it is a requirement and why do I need one. Let us enlighten you. The Spanish health system has been known to be one of the best health systems in Europe and even in the world, however to be able to access this system you need to contribute to the social security, this is being employed in Spain, or being self-employed in Spain and of course by being a Spanish national.

The health insurance gives the Spanish authorities the guarantee that you are medically covered while in Spain and that their system doesn´t have to cover the cost in case you get ill.

What Kind Of Private Health Care Insurance Is Needed?

There are many options on the market, many insurance companies that will offer you different services, but you it is hard to tell which is the best for you, this is where efpg can help. Efpg is an insurance broker that with a few details from you can provide you with a quote for your health insurance without it becoming a headache for you. We know the conditions of the insurance policy that are accepted by the police.

On Holiday To Spain?

If you are only coming on holiday to Spain, you only need a travel insurance that covers medical care in Spain. This is when your stay is for under three months. If it is over this time you will need to take out a Private health insurance.

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