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Getting Ready For The Rain in Spain

As the last days of October slowly but surely lead us into November with only a few days of rain experienced so far, it is time to remember what real rain in Spain is like.

The months from October to March are the wettest and western Andalucía is much wetter than the east.

The Sierra de Grazalema, west of Rhonda being the wettest of them all, the wettest place in Spain with over 2,230 millimetres, 88 inches of rain a year. The rainiest place by far and also boasts the highest peak in the Provence of Cadiz, el Torreon.

Anyway I digress. So yes the rain in Spain especially here in Andalucía will be arriving and when it starts it can carry on for weeks.

Rainfall amounts to 835 millimetres, 33 inches per year in Algeciras. Estepona is up there with 796 mm, 31.5 inches, while it drops to 585 mm, 23 inches in Marbella and averages 525mm, 20.5 inches in Malaga.

Ever year when the rains come we get floods in all shapes and sizes and lots where water just comes in under the door. A lot of the time this is because the drains had not been cleaned properly and cleared of all that grows in them during the summer.

This is the very reason for having home insurance, buildings and contents, but who wants all that hassle if it could be avoided. If no one has been looking at your drains recently it’s a good call to check them out now.

We also have houses here that literally start to leak from the constant barrage of waters thrown at them. The water slowly finds its way through the concrete from upstairs terraces and drips into the rooms below.

A great tip here is to have a bag of sand handy. If you have a drip in the ceiling from the terrace above a bag of sand scattered over the surface of the terrace should eventually stop the flow of water. Like little boulders the water takes the sand into the concrete and as they clump together they block the leak.

Hopefully we will all come out unscathed and hopefully dry.

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