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Do You Need Private Health Insurance In Spain In Order To Get Residency?

In short, yes. Since 2013, health insurance is compulsory for anyone moving to Spain in order to qualify for residency or to obtain a visa.

The reason is that the Spanish Government want to ensure that you won't be a burden on the healthcare system should you fall ill or have an accident while in Spain. Before 2013 the public healthcare system was available free to anyone, not so these days.

If you understand Spanish, you can read up on the relevant laws and regualtions here. If your Spainish isn't so good, give us a call at efpg and we will be happy to discuss your options with you and advise on your choices. After all, that's what we are here for.

Meanwhile, here are some more facts and figures on the current legal situation for expats and residents alike, along with links to some relevant documentation:

  • European citizens who would like to register for residency in Spain must have valid health insurance.
  • Non-European citizens must also have health insurance when applying for residency.
  • Any menber of your close family must also be covered by your health policy or a policy of thier own. Family policies are available at efpg, so if you have one, you can simply add additional family members to that.
  • Spain also offers 'golden visas' where a €500,000 investment in the country can entitle you to family residency. You will however still need health insurance.
  • Also availble is the non-lucrative residency program for pensioners or those wishing to run a business in Spain.
  • Non-Eu students wishing to study in Spain can apply for student visas which require a special student health insurance policy. Call us for details.

Free access to the Spanish health care system

There are several situations in which expats living in Spain don’t need to get a private health insurance policy and can benefit from the public system:

  • Retired individuals in Spain and state pensioners from any European Union/ EAA country have free health care in Spain. Although a private health care plan from efpg offers many advantages. You can apply for a S1 form here.
  • Those who work as self-employed/freelancers already pay a contribution to the Spainish healthcare system. However a private healthcare plan such as those we offer here at efpg can offer many advantages. Click here to find out more and get a quote today.
  • Foreigners with a work permit in Spain get social security deductions from thier pay cheque and so have basic health cover. But again, the advantages of private health insurance are many.
  • Anyone visiting a student under the age of 26 from an EU country have access to free health care.
  • Expats who come to Spain from a country that has universal health care services, such as the UK, probably have access to free health care in Spain. You must check your paperwork to be sure of this. Or, give us a call at efpg and we can help you understand your particular situation.
  • Pregnant women who live legally in Spain andher childrenshould be covered for free health care, if you are not sure if you qualify, give efpg staff a call who would be happy to help.
  • Residents in Spain who receive state benefits get free health care.
  • Europeans who are temporarily in Spain and have an EHIC card also qualify for free health care while here.
  • People who just got divorced from a partner, who was registered on the social security, are still entitled to free Spanish health care.

The EHIC health card for European travellers to Spain

If you are a European Union citizen who is visiting Spain temporarily you can apply for a EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), which will grant you the same coverage as if you were registered in the Spanish healthcare system at a much lower cost. For the first 3 months of your stay in Spain healthcare under the EHIC card is free.

However if you stay more than 3 months you must either register in the Spanish health system or be able to provide details of your cover under a private health insurance policy. Also, EU students who study in Spain are covered by the EHIC for the same 3 month period..

Foreigners have limited access the Spanish healthcare system without residency or visa paperwork

Foreigners without residency or a visa can benifit from the Spanish healthcare system but only for the first 3 months, or 90 days of their stay.

If you are unsure of your status or any of the above information, need any help with your paperwork or just need to talk to a professional about your queries, call us today at efpg for some friendly advice. it's what we are here for after all!

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