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Covid Travel Insurance for 2021

COVID Travel Insurance is a contract through which we offer assistance and services that provide solutions to certain situations that may arise during a trip, to give you peace of mind during these difficult times. This type of Insurance is only available for trips made in Spain or within the EU.

What is covered by this insurance?

  • We guarantee medical assistance for unforeseeable illness or accident, including Covid disease.
  • Repatriation of you and your companions insured in case of illness, accident, death.
  • Covers the cost of extending your stay in case of illness, accident or medical quarantine that does not allow you to travel back.
  • Covers travel expenses and stay of an additional person (your companion) if hospitalized.
  • Covers the costs of early return in case of hospitalization or death of a relative of yours, and in the event of fire or theft at your home address.
  • Covers the costs of your early return or any delays caused by declaration of State of Alarm or border closure at origin or at destination.
  • Financial compensation due to theft, loss or deterioration of your luggage.
  • Guaranteed cancellation costs of your trip, including for Covid disease, medical quarantine or declaration of State of Alarm.
  • Reimbursement for your vacations not enjoyed in case of early return, including the closure of borders or declaration of State of alarm.
  • The underwriter will assume private Civil Liability.
  • A replacement vehicle can be provided in case of accident or breakdown of your vehicle during the trip.
  • A professional driver can be arranged to take you in your vehicle in case you cannot drive due to accident or illness.

What is not covered by this insurance?

  • Destinations that are in armed conflict.
  • Services for accidents or injuries caused by sports or dangerous activities not insured in the policy.
  • Illnesses or injuries prior to the start of travel.
  • Rescues at sea, chasms, deserts or mountains.
  • The Covid 19 test without a prescription.

Restrictions regarding Insurance cover

  • Trips must not exceed 31 days in a row.
  • Cancellation costs will be covered when the insurance has been contracted no later than the same day or 24 hours after confirmation of the travel reservation and / or issue of the transport / flight ticket.

Covid Travel Insurance - Frequently asked questions:

What are my obligations?

Declare all the circumstances that may affect the risk that you want to insure, sign the contract, make the payment of the premium and communicate to your insurer, as soon as possible, any modification that occurs in the risk insured, and the claim within a maximum period of seven days.

When and how do I have to make payments?

At the time of contracting and in the manner indicated in the contract (direct debit, card). If the Policy is renewed for the following annuity, on the effective date of the renewal.

When does coverage start and end?

Once the premium has been paid, the coverage begins at 00.00 on the effective date of your contract and ends at 24.00 on the expiration date.

How can I terminate the contract?

Travel insurance is temporary and is automatically cancelled on the coverage end date

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