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And so this is Christmas - Spain 2020

I think everyone knows this Christmas is not going to be the same as others in the past but currently that is all we know.

Not everyone in Andalucía may enjoy a lifting of travel restrictions. Was the warning made recently by regional president Juanma Moreno following his latest meeting with his COVID-19 experts?

We are all waiting to find out what happens on the 10th December and what restrictions will be lifted, if any. Obviously it will be about the numbers, the cumulative incidence rate the virus is achieving in each of the health districts, the number of people requiring hospitalisation, the impact on available ICU beds and of course deaths.

Mr Moreno was very clear that there was still a lot to review before December 10th and when asked if there could be different restrictions for different health districts stated; “Andalucía is a large region, larger than some EU countries and therefore it is possible.” He went on to add; “I would not like it and that is why we are working to ensure that all of Andalucía has the same restrictions at Christmas.” So in short we will know nothing further until we get to December 10th.

On another issue this Christmas we have the final count down for Brexit and what that means for every expat in Spain and Europe in its entirety! Quoting Michael Gove, talks are; “getting down to the wire”.

In this humble writers opinion the wire is barbed in order to keep out common sense and the chance of crashing out with no deal is looking the most likely outcome. I can only suggest we all do our best this festive season to enjoy what we can with those that we can.

Santa may well be working from home, being in a high risk category due to his age, but I am sure he has added drivers to his sleigh or motor insurance policy rather than outsourcing to Amazon.

I can only presume that his healthcare policy is up to date for both him and Mrs Clause and that the elves are well insured at work and for travel, although they only require travel insurance for one night in the year!

Being in the North Pole I am fairly sure he is not that concerned with the goings on with Brexit and is in no way hindered in doing what he does by the lack of trade agreements!

Keep a positive outlook and stay in good humour throughout this last month of 2020 and for all the months of the coming New Year. As always “here for what matters mostefpg Insurance brokers, Insurance for Spain in English.

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